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Burma as a province of British India


1886 catalogue

1937 →

1886, 1 January: Burma is proclaimed a British colony. February: Burma is proclaimed a province of British India.

Starting in 1854, Burma used the stamps of British India without any form of overprinting. The stamps can only be identified when used by the postmarks which from 1856 were specially made for Burmese post offices.

The first post office opened in 1827 in Akyab. Ten years later also in Kyouk Phyoo, Ramree, Sandway and Moulmein. In 1852 a postmaster was apointed in Rangoon and opstal service extended to Pegu province. At that thime 22 post offices existed with . In 1860 a post office opened on Andaman Islands in Port Blair. In 1862 in Pegu province. From 1869 to 1885 agencies were opened in Mandalay and Bhamo. In 1887 posts were used by boat or rail. Airpost existed from 1933 between England, Akyab and Rangoon.


Z1880aZ1880a: - British India used in Burma - post cancel from Rangoon, British India stamppaes illustration


Z1894aZ1894a: - British India used in Burma - post cancel from Rangoon, British India

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