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State of Burma

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1944 catalogue

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After the Thai Phibun government fell in August 1944, the post-Phibun Thai authorities discreetly contacted the Allies and let it be known that they were prepared to turn against their former Japanese partners whenever the Allies gave the word. They also made it quite clear to the British that they renounced all claim to Shan State and northern Malaya, and that they would return these territories to Britain immediately on the cessation of hostilities. Despite these gestures, the British did not want to treat the Thais leniently after they helped Japan to invade Burma and Malaya. American pressure prevented a vengeful Churchill from implementing punitive measures against the Thais. At the end of the War British troops recaptured Burma by 15 August 1945.

The unused stamps for "Shan State" (issued the previous year on 1 October 1943) were overprinted in November 1944 "Bama naing ngan daw", Burma State in Burmese, the name of the Japanese puppet state.


19440011944001: 1CENT - Views overprinted Burma State - Ox cart
19440021944002: 2CENT - Views overprinted Burma State - Ox cart
19440031944003: 3CENT - Views overprinted Burma State - Ox cart
19440041944004: 5CENT - Views overprinted Burma State - Ox cart
19440051944005: 10CENT - Views overprinted Burma State - Shan woman
19440061944006: 20CENT - Views overprinted Burma State - Shan woman
19440071944007: 30CENT - Views overprinted Burma State - Shan woman


Z1944aZ1944a: - letter sheet (5C on 1A) with a 5c stamp cancelled in KYAIKLAT (South Burma) stamppages illustration
Z1944bZ1944b: - Thai Malaya occupation stamps of Perak were even used in Hsipaw, Shan State stamppages illustration

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