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Union of Burma

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1963 catalogue

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The Burmese Way to Socialism (also known as the Burmese Road to Socialism) was the ideology of the military dictatorship in Burma under the Burma Socialist Programme Party (BSPP) from 1962 to 1988. Ne Win and the Burmese military launched the March 1962 coup d'├ętat to overthrow Prime Minister U Nu and the democratic Union Parliament due to economic, religious and political crises, particularly the issue of federalism and secession rights of the States of Burma. The Union Revolutionary Council established Burma as a one-party socialist state under the BSPP and adopted the Burmese Way to Socialism in April 1962 as a blueprint for economic development, decreasing foreign influence in Burma to zero percent and increasing the role of the military.


19630011963001: 15P - Revolution: 1th anniversary - Map, Myanmar flag
19630021963002: 10P - Freedom from Hunger Campaign
19630031963003: 50P - Freedom from Hunger Campaign - Water buffalo, plowing rice field
19630041963004: 20P - Labour day

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